Creating a better Tomorrow

SRGOC has the firm belief that its bright students chart out their own career graph; CDC is just a facilitator acting as a bridge between top-hole companies and students.

The Team CDC is actively involved in students’ Training, Placement and development activities round the year, like Soft Skills Training, Conferences, Workshops, Technical Training and Career Guidance etc. It acts as a seamless conduit between the industry and the Institute and provides quality technical manpower to suit every organizational need. It strives:

1. To initiate close interaction of our faculty members with industry experts, i.e. through Faculty Development Programmes, Workshops, Seminars, etc., so that, our faculty members may gain a first-hand knowledge of the industry requirements and accordingly, our students may be groomed in a manner that they are ‘Industry Ready’ by the time they pass out.

2. To get support from Industry for knowledge enhancement and enrichment of the students through various co-curricular activities like seminars, workshops, guest lectures, etc.

3. Project Collaborations: To explore possibilities of project collaborations with Industry. To be transferred to the concerned Faculty after getting the same materialized.

4. To arrange various students’ training programmes, like: 1. On board training 2. On Campus training

  • Remote Internship
  • Webinar
  • Post Selection training
  • Through the in-campus Laboratory setup by the concerned company

1. To arrange the semester internship.
2. To chart out the schedule of Campus Recruitment Process.
3. To coordinate the Campus Recruitment activities with the assistance of respective faculty coordinators and student coordinators.