B.Tech (AI)


A rapidly growing field across all industries is Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. According to McKinsey reports, AI will generate USD 13 trillion in economic activity by 2030. So it's the right time to gain AI and Data Science expertise.

This is a very practical engineering degree where you will develop AI apps and platforms to understand the role of AI in future technology. Students will learn strong problem solving and analytical skills. You will learn how to work with AI to harness the strategic advantage it offers in making more informed decision-making and increased efficiency and profitability. You will learn about the transformative power of AI and use it to solve real world challenges, you will be able to design and implement systems and applications in Hitech AI and Data science labs.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science makes the student to gain high level computing knowledge along with a deep knowledge in artificial intelligence and data science. Students will get an opportunity to pursue their career as an AI professional in the emerging area. Job titles for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Engineering students are very diverse, and may include, AI Engineer, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Strategist, Research Scientist, Data Mining Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer Etc.